Online Proctoring

Student remote control and online exams verification.
Face recognition​
Face recognition​

The best Student Information System (SIS) combines with the best Online Proctoring System capable of integrating to all industrial leading Learning Management System. This is what Vialing and Examus strategic partnership is about!

Examus Inc. has developed an advanced AI proctoring solution that prevents cheating attempts during online tests/exams as well as monitors and controls students’ behavior during the process. Examus enables universities to get verified results from online exams. Examus enables students to study and take exams remotely from anywhere in the world. The main aim of Examus is to improve the educational process and make it easy and affordable for everyone to study remotely and receive trusted exam results.

Best Online Proctoring Solution 2021

Examus won the award for “Best Online Proctoring Solution” 2021 by EdTech Breakthrough Awards

The key advantages for Examus’s online proctoring solution are:

What does the technology “see”

Face recognition​
Emotional recognition​
Gaze detection​
Tab change​
Presence of a stranger
Person identification
Absence of the person
Voice detection

How Examus works

3 options for proctoring

Infrastructure options

Examus Cloud Server
Customer Cloud Server
Customer Infrastructure


Examus can be integrated with any LMS and work without integration.

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