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تقدم "Vialing" حلول البرمجيات لمساعدة التعليم العالي على خوض رحلة التحول الرقمي

وصول كامل. لا تحتاج إلى بطاقة ائتمان. يستخدم من قبل أكثر من 100,000 مستخدم

نظام إدارة الحرم الجامعي

للتعليم العالي

تعلم كيفية تحويل البيانات إلى رؤى ذات مغزى تساعد في تحقيق نجاح الطلاب، والنمو المؤسسي، والعمليات.

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For Faculty

Effectively manage thousands of students across faculties — hundreds of batches, courses and classrooms. Create a conducive teaching environment for students and deliver an effective academic and examination operation with our comprehensive features.

For Administration

We made it easier for you — speed up the response time through automating various communication and administration aspects; helping you save on time-consuming administrative and operational tasks, streamlining of backend processes.

For Students

Enhance the entire student journey and empower students through self-service portal that enable easier access to information of students progression and facilities to make payment, manage hostel matters at any time, anywhere. Help your institution manage communications with students before they enroll, during their enrollment, and even after they graduate.