Complain Management

Improve your complaint management processes in institution with the integrated complaint and feedback management system which allows you to handle complaints from any user, take immediate action against the complaint and keep track of the complaint’s status with helpful notifications.

Library Management

Streamline and automates library activities in your institution. Manage all books and academic materials in one place. Carries out task of manual library functions without any hassle.

Vehicle Management

Seamlessly integrate transportation information and notification in campus. Handle on transportation and vehicle management issues effectively by centralizing and maintaining consistency in transportation information with our solution.

Facility Management

Effectively manage the facilities in your institution such as class, exam, or seminar rooms and halls, labs, libraries, gym or canteens, hostel rooms, and others facilities all in one system to enhance and optimize your facility management processes.

Hostel Management

Centrally manage and maintain the information related to hostel – such as hostel payment, room allocation details, and information of hostel staff and warden – all in one place. We simplify hostel management processes by delivering you the paperless hostel management operations along with delivering convenient experience for both students and staff.